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The Knysna Solar Street Light Project

The walkway alongside the Knysna Lagoon is used by pedestrians going to and from work, cyclists, joggers and strollers. It has the potential to be a vibrant, safe public area, attracting tourists and the community with lagoon views and an abundant birdlife as draw cards.

Unfortunately it also attracts criminals and muggings have become an all too frequent event. The area is not policed, has no lighting at night and is mostly isolated.

Naturally Solar is a small local business specialising in niche market solar products like solar street lighting and a portable solar lantern called the Solar Buddy.

"Towards the end of 2013 we had 4 different solar street light products that we were interested in pursuing but we needed to test their performance and endurance. We approached the municipality, hoping that they would see the benefit of having lights installed on the walkway, with no costs involved. A win-win situation for both the municipality and Naturally Solar" says Lauren Reynders, Sales and Marketing manager at Naturally Solar.

"The meetings we had with Len Richardson at Electro-technical services were very informative in respect of municipal concerns and policies towards adopting solar street lighting in the long term. But they gave the go ahead for the installation of the lights at the lower Queen Street site and provided the poles. We installed the lights in mid December."

Naturally Solar would like to raise awareness with local businesses and residents as to the possibility of solar technology in this situation which would result in a possible financial partnership to permanently install solar lights along the walkway.

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