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Solar Powered LED Lighting for Africa | Improving Education, Health, Safety and Economic Opportunity

Naturally Solar is committed to providing affordable solar lighting to homes and communities across South Africa. We are confident that our products will bring tangible and revolutionary benefits to our consumers and their families, improving their health, safety and learning environment.


Go Buddy | Solar light on the go. Use for outdoor camping trips, fishing trips, emergency light for vehicles. Accessorise with our Charge Buddy to charge phones or cameras everywhere you go.


The Charge Buddy | Smart 5 in 1 USB Charging connectors accessory for the Go Buddy. Suitable for most brands: USB mini Jack, Go Pro, Cameras, Samsung, Apple and Nokia.



Solar Buddy | our lead product that produces hours of safe light. No more looking for candles, struggling with flat batteries. Completely safe, durable and splash proof.


The Envirolight | All-In-One Solar Street Light Unit, powered with a high efficiency solar panel, super bright LED's and a Lithium battery.

solar street light
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